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Admission Instructions & Requirements



Welcome to ICC​

First Time FreshmanTo apply as a first-time freshman you must have:
•    Have graduated or will soon graduate from high school or receive a GED and
•    Have not enrolled in another college or university after graduating from high school or earning a GED

Transfer or Readmitted Students
•    Please follow these easy requirements and procedures for Transfer Admission if you are transferring from another junior college or college/university.
Readmitted Students
•    Please follow these easy requirements and procedures for Readmitted Students if the last school you attended was ICC and you are returning after discontinuing your enrollment.

Apply Now•    Online Application 

Registration is held at the Ihanktonwan Community College as advertised prior to the beginning of each semester.  During registration week the Registrar Office and other representatives from Ihanktonwan Community College will be available for student consultation.  With their assistance, the student must complete the following steps to register for classes:
1.    Admission Office The student must first apply for admission and be accepted before a student can enroll in courses at ICC. Students must complete the admissions packet and return all registration materials to the Admission Clerk (AC) according to all applicable timelines and dates in order to be accepted for enrollment. The student must see the AC at the front desk regarding any changes to their address or pertinent contact information. Required documents needed for admissions:

    Admission Application

    Verification of Tribal Enrollment

    Official College Transcripts if a student is transferring to ICC

    Official High School/GED

2.    Admission Committee 
The AC will give the Executive Director/Academic Dean the names of students of all completed applications for admission. The Executive Director will call for the admission committee to review the application and recommend if the student will be given a letter of acceptance or denial. The student must have an acceptance letter issued by the Executive Director before the student is allowed to begin registration process.

3.    Testing Office/ACCUPLACER Exam
All first time students must take the required entrance ACCUPLACER exam. The test is utilized as an academic advising instrument and does not determine admission. If a student is required to take the exam he/she will be directed to the college staff member who will administer the exam. Results will be given immediately to the student and advisor prior to registration. All results will be tabulated and kept accordingly by the appointed staff member and reports given to the President.

4.    Student Handbook 
The AC will give all students a handbook when a student applies for admission.

5.    Financial Aid (Higher Education/PELL Grant)
​All Students must see the designated FAO for financial aid i.e., the Yankton Sioux Tribe Higher Education Scholarship or the PELL grant.  The student will meet with the FAO to insure that the application for Federal Aid and all other scholarship applications are completed. Students are required to complete all applications in a timely and thorough manner. Students will receive an award letter from YST Higher Education Director regarding the Tribal Higher Education Scholarship. The Department of Education (Federal) will notify by letter regarding the PELL grant.  The student must be verified for financial aid by the FAO before they are allowed to continue.

6.    Advisor
Students will be assigned an Academic Advisor (AA) once accepted for admission.  No student will be allowed to register for courses without seeing their respective advisor this includes drops or additions.  During registration week the student will meet with their assigned advisor for course registration. The advisor will give the student a registration form, which must be completed and signed by all respective departments before the student is allowed to start class.

7.    Executive Director/Academic Dean
First time students will meet the Executive Director/Academic Dean.  Students carrying more than 16 hours of credit per semester must have prior approval from the Academic Dean (AD).

8.    Registration Officer (Registration, Drop, Adds)
Students must see the Registration Officer (RO) for official registration of courses. The RO will register students after they have met with their respective advisors this includes drops, or additions.

9.    Business Office for Tuition, Fees, and Books
Students must finalize the registration process by clearing the Business Office. Students will be given an invoice the day registration is completed.  The Business Manager (BM) will determine the cost of tuition, fees, and books based on the credit hours carried, type of courses, and field of study. In certain cases, which are preapproved the BM will arrange for payment if necessary. Students must have been accepted for a minimum of a Federal PELL or have established the manner in which tuition & fees will be paid by the second week before the Drop/Add week.