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Assist students and staff in the use of materials, equipment or services provided by the ICC Bookstore; assist the Business Manager in the organization and operation of the Bookstore.

Must have at a minimum an Associate’s degree (official transcripts with graduation date will be required upon hire), plus one year of bookstore, cashiering, shipping and receiving, and/or inventory experience. Applicants now meeting the minimum requirement will not be considered.

Must be able to work afternoon and evenings Monday thru Thursday 12:30-9PM and 8-4:30 Fridays. Must be reliable and dependable with proven work experience. Must have reliable transportation.

This is a permanent full time position set at 40 hours per week. Salary is dependent on education and work experience. Expected starting salary is $11 an hour based on desired qualifications. 

Interested individuals must submit a letter of interest, ICC application for employment, resume, references, official transcripts, and other pertinent credentials. For more information about position contact the college at 605-384-3997. 

You can also visit our webpage and download a job description and application for employment at:

Mail applications and attachments to:
Marisa Joseph, Business Manager
P.O. Box 295
200 South Main
Marty, South Dakota 57361
Phone 605-384-3997
Fax 605-384-3994

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ICC Employment Application

Click the button below for a copy of the job application. Follow the instructions for completing and submitting applications. If you have any questions call the college at 384-3997. Return the completed job application to the college along with resume and official college transcripts. If you are claiming Indian or Veteran Preference submit official documents to include enrollment certification and if a veteran DD214. 

Mail or send all official documents to the attention of

Kenneth Cook, Business Manager

P.O. Box 295 

200 South Main 

Marty, South Dakota 57361 

Phone 605-384-3997 ext. 107

Fax 605-384-3994

The following position is needed: 

1-Department Supervisor/Business Management Faculty Member

Closing Date: Open Until Filled
SALARY – The salary is set to start at $45,000 per annum. The ICC Board of Directors determines the salary.
BENEFITS-The benefits include fringe, a maximum 5% matching retirement, a health subsidy, tuition free courses, sick and annual leave. 
LENGTH OF POSITION -This is a 1 FTE (full time employment) 40 hours per week position.  
SUPERVISOR-The position falls under the direct supervision of the ICC Executive Director/Academic Dean and ICC policy.
A Master’s degree in primary field or must have 18 graduate course hours in respective area i.e., either Business/Economics, English/General Study, Human Service field. Must possess excellent computer, people relationship, writing, and research skills. 
Minimum Education and Experience: 
1.    Hold a minimum of a Master’s of Arts degree.
2.    3-5 years work experience in field of study and/or teaching experience at college level in the respective field of study.
3.    Must be able to teach required courses for program area.
Employment Preference:
The college provides preference in employment to any Native American/American Indian who is enrolled in a federally recognized tribe. Any individual claiming Indian preference must meet the following:
1.    1. Must submit a properly completed and signed tribal enrollment form
2.    2. Must meet all qualification requirements stated in the job description
3.    3. Must be deemed suitable for employment by the college
In accordance with title 5, United States Code, Section 2108 veterans shall be given preference. Any individual claiming veteran preference must meet the following:
1.    Must submit a DD 214
2.    Must meet all qualification requirements stated in the job description
3.    Must be deemed suitable for employment by the college
4.    Desirable knowledge of Yankton Sioux people, communities, and culture.
5.    Desirable Knowledge of surrounding area, non-tribal communities and needs.
APPLICATION-Interested individuals must submit a letter of interest, ICC application for employment, resume, vitae, references, and pertinent credentials. The job description and application for employment can be found on the ICC webpage:

For questions contact Marisa Joseph, Business Manager at P.O. Box 295, 200 South Main, Marty, South Dakota 57361. Phone 605-384-3997, Fax 605-384-3994

ICC is an Equal Opportunity

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