Ihanktonwan Community College
Woksape Owakide
"Seeking To Learn"


HELP [605-384-3997]

Hello, my name is Bill Roller and I am the Librarian at Ihanktonwan Community College.  We are open Monday thru Thursday, from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and on Fridays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Feel free to come in and browse, read, and ask me for help on something.  I am always here to help you find what you are looking for.  We are more than a place to read a book. 

We also have an Ihanktonwan Tribal Archives that is ever expanding with lots of data on our nations history and historical documents, such as our Constitution, Treaties, and minutes from our General Council meetings, some going back to the 1920's!  Just ask me and I'll be happy to show you them.  And you can have copies for 10c per page.

We also have 3 public computers to use for $1 per hr and we are open to the public.  Just sign in and check your facebook status, surf the web, or type that letter and enjoy some quite time.

We are a member of the South Dakota State Library network, and we can help you get signed up.  Just log on to http://www.library.sd.gov and I will guide you through the site if you need help.  This is a multi million dollar site that is loaded with all kinds of interesting and helpful things like:

Research (Magazines and Journals)

  • ProQuest with over 2000 full text journal and backfiles
  • SIRS Discoverer for (K-9) students
  • SIRS Issues Researcher for (6-12) students


  • World Book Foreign Language Edition
  • Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos (Spanish Language)
  • L'Encyclope'die De'couverte (French Language)

World Book Public Library Edition

  • World Book Online for Kids (grades K-5)
  • World Book Online Info Finder ( grades 5-9)
  • World Book Online Reference Center (grades 9-adult)

World Book School Edition

  • World Book Kids (grades K-5)
  • World Book Student (grades 5-9)
  • World Book Advanced (grades 9-12+)
  • World Book Discover (differentiated instruction, i.e.ESL, reluctant readers and adult learners)

Auto Repair

  • ChiltonLibrary

Language Learning

  • Mango language

Practice Exams

  • Learning Express Library

Find a book

  • WorldCat-find books worldwide

History/Genealogical (Census Records, Indexes)

  • AncestryLibrary-in library only
  • HeritageQuest-at home access
  • Sanborn maps-SD-historical maps

Online books

  • ebooks on EBSCOhost (formely NetLibrary)-12,000+ Non Fiction Books
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library-Core Reference Collection

Other Resources

  • LexisNexis Congressional, Statistical, State Capitol-access with individual State Library library card
  • CAMIO-in library only
  • ArchiveGrid

You can also borrow a book using the inter-library loan program.

Another interesting site  loaded with knowledge is http://www.books.google.com .  They have millions of books digitized and available for you to read.  Just log on and search for a topic, and all the books on that subject will pop up.  Then you can do an advanced search for a specific item from the book you choose and everything on that subject will pop up page number included!  They have books that you once had to travel around the globe to read digitized and accessable in seconds!

Looking for some money to help you with College expenses?  Log on to http://www.aigcs.org and get access to the Cobell scholarships.  If you need help, come in and I will be happy to help you apply.

Another great site that is a must read for any Native American Indian College Student is http://www.catchingthedream.org .

This organization helps you with your essay writing and in applying for multiple scholarships.  They used to require you to apply for at least 50 scholarships in order for you to apply for their full ride scholarship good for your entire run through College, but have recently lowered that qualification down to 10!  They also have some very insightful articals to read and will steer you to www.fastweb.com, Scholarships.com and Sallie Mae for your scholarship searches. 

See You in the Library!

Bill Roller ICC Librarian