Veterans interested in applying for VA educational benefits should contact:

Jack Herman/ Director

605-856-8193 and Ext. 8476

Ihanktonwan Community College
Woksape Owakide
"Seeking To Learn"

Military Education Benefits


The Ihanktonwan Oyate is a warrior society built on the achievements of the Akicita Oksina (Soldier Boy). We are proud of our veterans and soldiers and look to serve our student veterans, current military members and the families of military members.  At ICC provides an environment that is culturally recognized, geographically located to home, and has strong support from the community family and Yankton Sioux Tribe. Our academic designed to prepare you for a successful career in your chosen field. You also will benefit from all of the prestige, resources and opportunities available at larger universities, but with the personal attention found at smaller schools.

Admissions Application 
•    First-time Undergraduate Student. If you are first-time college student who has never been enrolled in post-secondary study, you must apply as a first-time undergraduate student.

Guidelines for Veteran Certification
The amount of VA benefits is based on the number of credit hours carried per semester and student class attendance. Full-time students must carry at least twelve credit hours, 3⁄4 time students must carry at least nine credit hours, 1⁄2 time students must carry at least six credit hours and 1⁄4 time students must carry at least three credit hours per semester. VA regulations require the student to maintain regular class attendance. Any questions regarding either VA or regulations may be directed to the Sinte Gleska University Certifying Official in the

​Registrar’s Office.
All veterans applying for educational benefits must comply with the following:
1. Courses selected for which the student receives VA benefits must be required courses or electives in an approved program of study.
2. Course satisfactorily completed cannot be duplicated or retaken for certified credit.
3. Course previously attempted in which a grade of incomplete (INC) was issued cannot be retaken until the period of time in which to complete the work lapses.
4. Required course in a program previously attempted in which an Audit (no credit) was arranged may be retaken once.
5. Elective course previously attempted in which an Audit was arranged may not be retaken.
6. A minimum grade point average must be earned and maintained in accordance with academic standards for each class level as established.
7. All veterans are required to provide the Registrar’s Office with an official transcript of those credit hours earned at other colleges or universities.
8. All veterans are required to notify the Sinte Gleska University Registrar’s Office of enrollment before classes begin, of any changes in student enrollment status so that certification documents accurately reflect the number of student credit hours.

Military Resources
•    Links and resources for military students