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Human Service Field Application for HS 290, HS 390 and HS 490

Graduation Application

Human Service Department Program Information:

The Human Services Department offers an Associate (AA) degree and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.

Associates Degree (AA)
An associate degree in human services is a 2-year program that prepares you for entry into the subjects of psychology, sociology, social work and diversity.   While this is an introduction to these areas an AA in Human Services will likely focus on general education courses, humanities and social sciences. 

Academic Requirements
You will need a high school diploma or GED before you can pursue an associate degree in human services.  

Most professionals in the field of Human Services eventually pursue advanced education.  Most continue on to earn their bachelor’s degree in one of the following concentration areas -  Mental Health, Criminal Justice or Chemical Dependency.

Bachelor’s Degree (BA)

A bachelor's degree in human services in a 4-year program that prepares you to work in the areas of community service manager, probation officer, mental health counseling, addiction counseling, social work, community organizations and more.  

Academic Requirements

You will need a high school diploma or GED before you can pursue an associate's degree in human services.  

Areas of study include the following:

AA – Associate of Art Degree – Human Services  

BA – Bachelor of Art Degree – Mental Health 

BA – Bachelor of Art Degree -Criminal Justice Concentration


Ba – Bachelor of Art Degree – Chemical Dependency Concentration

Certificate – Chemical Dependency Certified Addiction Counselor Track